The Reality of the Dates sector in the Algerian State of Biskra Production and Export

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  • Adjlane Sabah Scientific and Technical Research Center on Arid Regions CRSTRA, Algeria
  • Khiari Reguia Scientific and Technical Research Center on Arid Regions CRSTRA, Algeria
  • Mokhnane Tarek Scientific and Technical Research Center on Arid Regions CRSTRA, Algeria


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palm, dates, date production, date exports


Dates are considered as the most important products that can contribute to the development of exports outside hydrocarbons Algeria is considered one of the main producers of dates, known for its diverse and rare date varieties in comparison to other date-producing countries.  The province of Biskra is considered the top date producer nationally, with the majority of date palm orchards located in the Western Zab region (Touggourt, Foughala, and Ourlal). This region is estimated to have around 4,286,354 date palm trees, contributing to a total date production in the province of 364,703 quintals. Daqlet Nour, in particular, represents a significant portion of this production, contributing 4,216,355 quintals, which is approximately 65.63% of the total date production in the province. Despite these natural ingredients in date production compared to other countries. but Algeria's revenues from date exports do not reflect at all the areas of date palms or the number of palm trees, not even the volume of production and does not reflect the efforts made and implemented In all the plans taken by the government that did not yield convincing results. The study's significance lies in attempting to diagnose the current state of the Algerian date sector and the obstacles facing Algerian date exports.


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Sabah, A., Reguia , K., & Tarek , M. (2023). The Reality of the Dates sector in the Algerian State of Biskra Production and Export. Euroasia Journal of Mathematics, Engineering, Natural & Medical Sciences, 10(29), 195–210.