Psychological Stress of Students during Learning From Home in COVID-19 Pandemic

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Covid-19, Stress, learning From Home


COVID-19 became a pandemic all over the world. It was first found in Wuhan, China. This pandemic also caused psychological pressure such as stress. Stress can be experienced by students who were forced to adjust to new method of learning. The method change from face-to-face to online learning. Therefore, students who cannot deal with it can get stressful.

This study aimed to know the stress level of students in Alauddin Islamic State University of Makassar and some factors that were thought to have a relation to the stress level.

This quantitative research, a cross-sectional study design used primary data conducted from August 1 until August 12, 2021 via google form. The respondent must be a student in Alauddin Islamic State University of Makassar from various faculties. The exclusion criteria was a student who refused to be a respondent. The total sample was 344 respondents. The data was analyzed through frequency for univariate and chi-square for bivariate analysis.

Most of the respondents tend to have normal levels of stress. Age, gender, and learning challenges were being the variable that had a significant correlation with stress level. Students in university became prone to get stress by the new normal era in education.

It requires the cooperation of various parties, both from the campus, the role of students, and the family. Alauddin Islamic State of Makassar can maximize counseling centers in all faculties, especially for those with psychological disorders.


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Ekasari, R., & Ahmad. (2023). Psychological Stress of Students during Learning From Home in COVID-19 Pandemic. Euroasia Journal of Mathematics, Engineering, Natural & Medical Sciences, 10(29), 102–109.