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The medical devices which include the virtual care technology are playing key role in this Covid-19 pandemic period. Due to the main issue of the access to healthcare professionals, the virtual healthcare platform facilitated by digital technologies that could support alleviate overstretched healthcare systems, minimize the spread of infection, and foster patient-clinician relationships. In our research, we have reviewed the latest articles, publications and related issues on the virtual care combining with the clinical benefits and health care management and making an analyze the latest outcome on the effectiveness. Although during the pandemic period the situation was impossible to manage for physician access, hospital side communication and health care side managing the issues, the outcomes by virtual activities & technological solutions have shown significant benefits on the access of the requested therapies such as cognitive impairment, geriatric, pediatric care, diabetes, neurological disorders, orthopedic surgery, movement science and sport psychology, ENT surgery, rehabilitation, cardiology, pulmonary disease, cancer research, however some difficulties especially in urology area with antibiotic usage management, in ophthalmology area older patient communication barriers.

Virtual Care, Covid-19, Healthcare Management, Clinical Benefit, Effectiveness

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