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People learn by examining, observing and researching their environment. They actually gains experience from what they have learned. By using the experience they have gained, they can adapt to the new situation they encounter and make decisions. People always make decisions by comparing their previous knowledge while describing objects and classifying them. Similarities and differences to previously learned objects are very effective in decision making. It has been shown in the studies that the experiential learning method can also be used on machines. Intelligent machines and devices that use machine learning methods in their structure are widely used in many areas. Machine learning can be performed using different algorithms. These algorithms use the attributes of the objects in the data set when making decisions. Similarities and differences in the attributes of objects are obtained by comparing them with previous experiences. As a result of the comparison, a decision is made and predictions are made about the classes of the objects. In this study, kNN machine learning algorithm, which is a supervised learning method, was used on the Zoo dataset. In this data set, there are attributes of common living things. By using these attributes, the classes of living things in the data set are determined. The “k” neighbor value and weight parameter selected in the kNN algorithm affect the learning success. In this study, the effect of two parameters used in the kNN algorithm on learning success is shown. According to the results obtained, the "k=1" neighbor value and the "Distance Weight" parameter were selected and the highest success result was obtained.

Machine Learning, kNN Algorithm, Classification, Prediction, Zoo Dataset, Weight Parameter

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