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Aiming to increase the quality of life of the society and sustainable development of our country; The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, TUBITAK, in order to serve our country and support the developments of science and technology. In addition to research-technology-development studies for scientists, it also provides support to private organizations that provide the necessary conditions and conduct research and development activities in many areas. TUBITAK supports academic and industrial R & D and innovative studies. It aims to carry our country to the level of developed countries in line with scientific and technological development level. It is the relevant state institution of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. It also provides financial resources for scientists to conduct detailed and long-term researches, work with different disciplines and carry out many scientific research and development projects. Qualified postgraduate students are also supported as scholars in the projects supported to obtain new informations, to use the informations obtained and to transfer this informations to the researchers. In these projects, which are of great importance for the development and improvement of substructure and laboratory facilities of different departments of Turkish universities, TUBITAK determines the Science and Technology policies of our country in order to follow the future studies and technology and also publishes resource books and journals in order to increase this awareness. In the Farm Machinery and Technologies Engineering Departments, Farm Machinery Systems and Energy in Agriculture Departments in Biosystem Engineering Departments in different universities of our country, both education and R & D studies are continuing. In April 2018, the projects that were finalized and supported by TUBITAK from 1963 to the present day were uploaded to trdizin.gov.tr database and the project results reports were made available for download by the related parties in full text. The names of the faculty members retired and still working in our departments were asked in this database, then results were analyzed and evaluated. These completed projects were analised according to years, universities and subjects. Topics as main titles; Soil Tillage, Planting, Fertilizing and Maintenance, Irrigation, Agricultural Protection, Harvesting, Transportation, Processing, Mechanization in Livestock, Tractor, Soil Reclamation, Management, Energy Use in Agriculture, Information Technology-Precision Agriculture, Design and General thoughts. According to data obtained from departments conducted a total of 134 projects by the academics. The evaluation were made according to the project managers, universities and also subjects. Results showed that, Ege, Ankara and Cukurova Universities are at the top. Detailed information were presented as tables and graphs in the paper.

Agricultural Machinery, Biosystem Engineering, Project, R&D, TUBITAK

Kaynakça Ertekin, C. ve Akman, H. E., 2018, Tarım Makinaları ve Teknolojileri Alanında Yapılan Yayınların Değerlendirilmesi, 31. Ulusal Tarımsal Mekanizasyon ve Enerji Kongresi, 05-07 Eylül 2018, Bursa. Ertuğrul, C. ve Dişbudak, C., 2006, AB Sürecinde Tarımsal Yapı ve Verimlilik, Türkiye Ziraat Odaları Birliği “AB – Türkiye Entegrasyonunda Tarım” konulu Uluslararası Konferans, İstanbul. TÜBİTAK, 2019. TR Dizin arama motoru. https://trdizin.gov.tr/ Erişim Tarihi: Haziran 2019.

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