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In this study, it was aimed to determine the most preferred bedding material in terms of cow comfort on dairy cattle barn in Antalya. For this purpose, 5 different bedding materials were applied in a total of 50 stalls. One hard plastic (rubber mat), two different types of soft plastic (soft foam mat and curly mat) and tartan rubber mat were placed on free-stall floors with 4 different application types. Thus, different bedding materials were evaluated in terms of preference time in different seasons. Then, the most preferred bedding material was determined using the preference conditions of the different bedding materials placed on the stall floor via measurements and observations made 24 hours a day for 6 months. Besides, the cow's preferences time recorded with cameras placed in the barn, the most preferred bedding material was identified. In addition, the preference times and usage periods of 4 different bedding materials used in the free stall floor were compared with the concrete floor. According to the result of the records and observations, it was determined that the cows are spending their time in soft foam mat with 237.14 min/day, hard rubber mat with 226.05 min/day, and soft curly mat with 216.28 min/day.

Bedding material, Comfort, Freestall, Lying time, Preferences.

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